TEDxTehran 2016: Good Morning Tehran!

TEDxTehran 2016 was held at December 20th 2016 in Vahdat Hall! Thank you very much for your support

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TEDxTehran 2016: The Theme

Our lives in Tehran and worldwide is in constant motion. Time is always in transition. This was a reflection of TEDxTehran theme the past three years. We began with our city, Tehran En Route, heading towards an inflection point, The Verge of a Breakthrough that gave way to A New Paradigm. So what comes right after this journey to a New Paradigm?

There is a defining arc in time where the past, present and future are all unified, connecting the known and unknown. In this arc, we hold the wisdom of the past, the clarity of the present, and the possibilities of the future. That arc in time is the morning, the start of each and every day.

That is where we are now with TEDxTehran. We are at that arc and what comes next is Good Morning Tehran, three endearing and powerful words to embody the theme of TEDxTehran in 2016.

The morning can be an occasion to reconnect with our internal world, to reflect, reevaluate and to change the course of not only of a singular day, but perhaps our entire life.

For many of us “Good morning” are the first two words that begin our human interactions, setting the tone on how we engage the outside world. Above all, the morning is the call to action of our life purpose, our personal missions and goals.

The past three years, we helped spread a lot of ideas about Iran. We reflected on our past, celebrating our history, our food, our nature. We also looked into our future, exploring all the possibilities of technology, innovation and economic prosperity. These themes were a projection of what beckoned Iran. This year we focus on the present, the now of Tehran, the epicenter of Iran. And so we begin, Good Morning Tehran!

Good Morning Tehran


TEDxTehran 2016 | Event Details

  • Theme: Good Morning Tehran
  • Date: December 20th
  • Location: Vahdat Hall
  • Registration by submitting application only



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(TEDxTehran was a) professional, well organized, on-time and at the same time friendly event
Ramin Sadighi
The whole event was highly professional, I also, importantly, felt delivered on it , s aims, and this is in comparison to conferences worldwide
Dr. Nasrin Hafezparast
Arranging an event in that scale requires lots of dedication and time management. It was nice to be part of TEDxTehran
Reza Pakravan

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